We want to be a champion for our customers’ success 和 act with a sense of urgency to help you deliver results. You’ll find answers to the most common questions we receive from our global customers below. We are committed to help you find answers fast 和 will be in touch with you shortly if you need additional assistance.


Fill out the 服务查询表格 to get assistance with any of these topics:

  • 账户管理
  • 更改帐单地址
  • 产品认证
  • 冷水机/液体冷却服务
  • 人力资源申请
  • 发票
  • 订单状态
  • 装箱单
  • 部分转移
  • 产品支持
  • 采购订单
  • 质量认证
  • 退货授权(RMA)
  • 追踪号码

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Otherwise, review our 常见问题 section down below.





Your Boyd Account Manager is ready to help you explore all your quoting needs. 请提交申请报价表格开始. Once submitted you will be contacted by someone on your Account Team to confirm the details of your quote request.


首先向您的Boyd客户团队提交采购订单. 如果你现在没有客户经理或博伊德的联系人, please submit your 采购订单 using the 服务查询表格 above. 



Your Boyd Account Manager is your point of contact for all quotes, orders, 和 pricing. If you do not have an Account Manager with Boyd or a current Boyd contact on file, 请提交以上服务查询表格. 

If you want to place a defense order 和 do not have a current Boyd Account Manager on file, 在填写表格时核对ITAR的规定.



Need help locating your dedicated Boyd Account Manager or Customer Service Representative? Submit the 服务查询表格 above 和 a member from our 帮助中心 team will identify 和 direct you to a member of your account team within two business days.

产品、技术 & 生产支持



对于更复杂的项目和技术m8体育, your Account Manager can connect you with a team of technologists 和 expert design engineers to help you design the right solution to meet your company’s needs.

访问我们的 工程设计 和 测试和验证 更多详情网页.


联系您的Boyd 客户经理 以获得零件图纸. Please have the part number available for the 组件 drawing you are interested in. 


请浏览 博伊德零件号 页面搜索特定的零件编号.

I received a notice that the location where my Boyd parts are made is changing, why?

有时, we find the opportunity to give you continuous improvement in customer support by leveraging a different Boyd site. Your dedicated Account Manager will closely coordinate with you if we move your Boyd product to a different manufacturing location. They will notify you in advance of any/all contractual change notifications, allowing you the ample time to review 和 approve the changes within your operating systems, 标准操作程序, 和指导方针. 如有问题或疑虑,请咨询您的 客户经理.


I submitted a Boyd website form but didn’t receive an email confirmation, what do I do?

If you did not receive an email confirmation after submitting a form on boydcorp.Com,很可能提供的电子邮件地址是弹跳. Please resubmit your form request 和 review the email address provided to ensure accuracy for effective communication.




Check with your Boyd Account Manager to verify if your order has not begun processing 和 may still be available to update. 正在处理的订单可能需要提交新的订单.


您的Boyd客户团队可以帮助您检查您的订单状态. Alternatively, connect with Customer Service to check the status of an order. 请提供您的订单号和帐户名称.

跟踪 & 航运


追踪号码存储在博伊德的ERP系统里. Connect with your Account Team or Customer Service for tracking assistance. 请提供您的订单号和帐户名称.


Once your order is placed, your Account Team will send an order acknowledgement. Orders will ship based on the originally quoted lead time, unless advised otherwise. 如果你原来报价的交货期需要延长, 您的客户团队将告知最新的发货日期.


We partner with a wide variety of leading global shipping service providers, 包括:联邦快递, 联合包裹, DHL等.

订单可能需要支付运费, 适用的海关, 关税和税收, depending on where you are ordering from 和 where your product ships from, 所有这些都是客户的责任.


是的, be sure we have your company’s shipping instructions 和 carrier accounts on file by contacting your Account Manager.


You may request a copy of your packing list for any product shipments from your Account Team. 请提供您的订单号和帐户名称.



To return a product, you will need an approved 退货授权(RMA).

Connect with your Account Manager or Customer Service to request a return. 请记下您的订单号, 帐户名称, 零件号(s), 量信息, 随附您要求的详细说明. 如果您的退货被批准,您将收到一个RMA号码, 哪些必须包含在退回的产品中. 您的RMA号码有效期为30天.


Boyd只允许基于制造商缺陷的客户退货. Contact your Account Manager or Customer Service to initiate a return or for additional information. Customers must notify Boyd of any damaged products within ninety (90) days of receipt.

I have a Return Merch和ise Authorization (RMA) number, how do I complete the return?

The RMA number should be clearly noted on the shipping label of each box. 返回框应包含所有在军事革命中同意的内容. 退货应发送到您的RMA中确定的地址.

All boxes should be securely packaged to prevent damage during shipping. 我们对运输过程中可能发生的任何损坏概不负责. Customer Service will provide a Boyd shipping account number 和 preferred shipping vendor with your RMA documentation.

我们将在收到您的RMA请求后进行评估. A member from your Account Team will contact you with further information after an evaluation has been completed.

Contact your Account Manager or Customer Service for additional information 和 assistance.



Contact your Account Manager or Customer Service for a copy of your invoice. 请提供您的订购单编号和帐户名称.


Please submit a billing change request using the 服务查询表格. 我们团队的成员将与您联系以验证您的请求. Once confirmed, our credit department will review 和 process your request within 24 hours.


详情请联系您的 客户经理. 我们不向个人提供信贷条款.

我是免税的. 需要什么免税证明?

Tax can be removed when a fully completed tax exemption form (including date 和 signature) is submitted. 您的帐户将被我们的税务部门标记为“免税”. The purchaser’s name on the certificate must match the purchaser’s name on the account.


请联系您的 客户经理. 如果您没有Boyd客户经理, 请使用上述服务查询表格与 客户服务部联系.



如何找到RoHS, 达到, 冲突矿产, 和其他材料, 组件, 或特定于产品的证书? 我从哪里获得合格证书?

请联系客户服务部索取产品, 组件, 或者特定材料的证书, 包括合格证书. They will align with Boyd’s quality department to secure the certificates you need.


如果您需要OSHAS方面的帮助,请联系 客户服务, Nadcap, UL(保险商实验室), 食品及药物管理局, 或任何其他监管支持或认证.