Corporate Mindfulness

At Exhale, we're passionate about helping businesses to harness the power of mindfulness to for happier, more productive employees, lower absenteeism, and better work/life balance.

Interested in the science of how mindfulness can improve your workplace? Download our info sheet here. 

Here's how we can help:


1. Exhale Employee Experience Program

Private meditation sessions at your office 

The Exhale Employee Experience Program allows employers to support the wellbeing of their employees by encouraging regular mindfulness meditation and mental health.

With the Exhale Employee Experience Program, employers are able to book out a private meditation session for employees, held in the convenience of your office. 

The session day and time is customised to fit your business schedule and needs. Studies show that the more regularly mindfulness meditation is practiced, the greater the benefits, as such, we recommend weekly or bi-weekly sessions to ensure employees are gaining the most benefits  from the program.

We'd love to help you bring mindfulness to your company - get in touch below to learn more about our corporate programs.

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3. Vital Mind Online Mindfulness Training


The VITAL MIND program is your 4-week guide to a clear, focused and happy mind.

The program explores how you can create mental wellbeing through mindfulness, relaxationtechniques, meditation and focus-tools. 

VITAL MIND is created by Amelia Harvey for VITAL ASPECT and is based on the latest brain science. 

The program is designed for anyone who wants to experiencing mental wellbeing, improve focus, reduce stress or anxiety, and experience more overall happiness. 

The content includes bite-size videos, guided audio meditations, tip-sheets and practical instructions, all of which only take a couple of minutes per day to complete - making it the perfect way to incorporate mindfulness into a busy workplace. 

Give your mind the gift of vitality today and join us on VITAL MIND - click here to learn more and get in touch.