Mindful Teens :: 8 Week Course

Mindful Teens :: 8 Week Course


8 Week Course | Thursdays 6:30 - 8pm | Starting July 27th 2017

Mindful Teens is the ultimate introduction to mindfulness for girls aged 15 - 18.

Being a teenage girl can be a rocky ride...we get it! Mindful teens gives girls the tools they need cultivate self awareness and navigate the pressures, stresses, and ups and downs of teenage hood

The Mindful Teens Course will teach girls ages 15 to 18 to:

:: Understand what mindfulness is
:: Be confident to implement mindfulness in a daily routine
:: Understand the benefits of mindfulness
:: Discover personal self care tools
:: Discover personal values and their effect on intentions
:: Be able to set a powerful, relevant intention
:: Understand what mindful movement is
:: Acknowledge the presence of the inner meanie
:: Reconnect with their bodies with feelings of gratitude and love
:: Utilise mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiousness
:: Understand the positive and negative impact Social Media can have on wellbeing
:: Learn strategies on how to reduce the negative impact Social Media can have
:: Learn how to recognise a negative relationship

8 Session Course Outline:

  1. Intro to Mindfulness

  2. Our Values/Intentions/Goal Setting

  3. Self Love/Self Care

  4. Mindful Movement

  5. Friendships/Family/Relationships

  6. Mindfulness & Social Media

  7. Stress/Anxiety

  8. Gratitude/Reflection/Letting Go 

Each session will include a guided mindfulness meditation, self-reflection, engaging activities and discussions, and herbal tea.

Sabine Fleitman is a Physiotherapist and Youth Mentor and founder of Core Confidence. She specialises in sharing the concept of mindfulness in a safe, supportive and fun environment tailored to young adults.


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