Amelia Harvey - founder and director

With over 10 years experience in psychology, meditation, and personal development, Amelia opened Exhale to make meditation approachable and accessible for busy people who need it most. Amelia's mission is to bring meditation to the mainstream and into the modern day. 

Amelia runs workshops and teaches meditation at Exhale, and writes about all things mindful living, personal growth, and wellbeing at


Megan Sanderson - Counsellor and Meditation Teacher

Meg Sanderson is qualified Counsellor and Nurse and teaches meditation at Exhale. 

Meg supports her clients through modern holistic  approaches and therapies to help them break free from what is holding them back from living life to its fullest potential. Her passion is to help others to own their story, re author their story and to continue to create a story that they want to live.  Meg has extensive experience in dealing with individuals and their daily challenges and hopes to continue to empower others to connect to the core of who they really are. 

Meg teaches meditation at Exhale and offers 1:1 counselling and mental wellbeing coaching to those who may be seeking some extra support and guidance in life. 


Shona McFox - Holistic Motherhood Coach and Doula

Shona McFox is a Holistic Motherhood Coach and Doula, and the founder of The Brighter Mama. 

Through her workshops, coaching, and events, Shona empowers and supports new mums and mum-to-be to take an intuitive and holistic approach to pregnancy and parenting.

Shona facilitates the Exhale signature course, Mindful Mums-to-Be which provides pregnant women with a space to share and connect as well as learn tools for a peaceful pregnancy, empowered birth, and smooth transition into motherhood. 

Learn more about Shona and her work here. 



Sabine Fleitmann - Youth Mentor

Sabine Fleitmann is a Youth Mentor and Physiotherapist with a passion to help girls feel empowered, confident and completely in love with who they are today. She is the Founder of Core Confidence which combines mindful movement with personal development activities to inspire Self Love within the younger generation. 

Sabine facilities the Exhale signature course Mindful Teens which is an introduction to the concept of mindfulness in a safe, supportive and fun environment for girls aged 15 - 18.

Learn more about Sabine and Core Confidence here.