What should I wear?

There is no dress code at Exhale – wear anything that you’ll be comfortable sitting or lying down in. You might like to bring a fresh pair of socks to wear to keep your toes warm while you meditate. If you would like to change before or after your class, you’re welcome to use our bathroom to do so.


What will I sit on?

Your comfort is our priority – our meditation cushions (Zafus) and mats (Zabutons) are designed to support an upright spine in a comfortable seated position. If you need back support, our studio layout allows you to lean against the wall, or you’re welcome to lie down and totally relax.


Do I need to book online or can I just drop in?

Our classes require bookings. It's easy to book your cushion online here or on the MINDBODY online app - just search 'Exhale Mindfulness Studio'. Spaces in our meditations are limited to ensure a relaxing experience every time you meditate with us. 


What if I have no experience with meditation?

That’s fine! Our guided meditations will talk you through the entire meditation from start to finish -  all you need to do is sit back and relax. Our experienced teachers are available before and after class to discuss any concerns or answer any questions. If you’re feeling unsure, we’d love to help - drop us a line here.


Will I still enjoy guided sessions if I’m an experienced meditator?

Absolutely! Our meditations are designed to be approachable and beneficial to all levels of practitioners. Many experienced meditators find they are able to deepen their practice in a group setting.


Who can meditate at Exhale?

Everyone is welcome in our studio!


How do I find the studio?

Exhale is one the first floor at 3 Lawrence Ave, West Perth, 6005. When you arrive, head up the stairs behind the letterboxes and you'll find the studio at the top.


Can I hire the studio for my event or workshop?

Certainly! Read the details on studio hire here.


Can I hire the studio to see clients?

Absolutely! Details here.


Do you have corporate options?

We certainly do! Details are here.


Can Exhale come to my work?

Yes we can! We offer customised guided meditation sessions tailored to your workplace - drop us a line here to find out more.


Can Exhale come to my school?

We’d love to! We’re currently designing mindfulness courses and guided meditations for school aged children – get in touch here to let us know that you’re interested.


What's the parking situation?

Street parking is available on Lawrence Ave, Wellington Street, Prowse Street and Douro Place. Parking is paid 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday and free at all other times. 


What are the public transport options?

The Yellow Cat Bus stops at bus stop 12924 near the corner of Wellington St and Colin St, about a 3 minute walk from Exhale.

Bus route 28 stops at bus stops near the corner of Wellington St and Colin St or at Wellington St after Outram St, both stops are about a 3 minute walk from the studio. 

City West Train Station is a 7 minute walk (past the lovely Harold Boas Gardens) from Exhale.