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Introduction to Mindfulness | 4 Week course



In this 4 week course you'll learn mindfulness and meditation techniques for reducing stress, improving cognitive function, and enhancing wellbeing with Exhale founder, Amelia Harvey.

The Exhale Introduction to Mindfulness Course is a practical and engaging way to learn more about the science and application of mindfulness techniques. Each session includes a teachings, handouts, meditation, discussion, and herbal tea. 

Week One: Mindfulness science and benefits + thought awareness.

Week Two: Breath and body awareness + emotional intelligence.

Week Three: The science of stress + relaxation techniques. 

Week Four: Mindful every day: day-to-day mindfulness + behaviour change and habit forming with mindfulness. 

BONUS: Participants receive one free meditation at Exhale!

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mindful mums-to-be | 8 Week Course


The next round of Mindful Mums-to-Be will kick off in early 2018 - enter your details below to have first access when spots are opened:

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Join holistic pregnancy and motherhood expert, nurse, and Doula, Shona McFox for this 8 week Exhale signature course in our tranquil studio.  

:: Share the experience of pregnancy with like-minded women, connect with your baby, and nurture yourself at this pivotal time. 

:: Discover soothing and supportive practices for navigating overwhelm and self-doubt. 

:: Learn strategies and tools for creating secure attachment as an intuitive, confident, and present mother. 

:: Cultivate mindfulness to navigate pregnancy and motherhood with a greater sense of calm, balance, and ease.

:: Cut through the noise and information overload to find your own empowered approach to pregnancy and raising your little one.

In your 8 sessions, youโ€™ll cover:

  • Relaxation techniques + finding balance during pregnancy
  • Tuning into your intuition and connecting with your baby
  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • Self-love and self-care practices for pregnancy and beyond
  • Planning for an empowered birth 
  • Creating a mama support network 
  • Connecting with your partner 
  • Preparation for mamahood and parenting

Each session will include teaching, handouts, discussion, herbal tea, healthy treats and a calming meditation.

Read more about Shona here.

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workshops at exhale

Intention, intuition and inner peace|  Saturday November 4th  |  12:30pm-5:30pm  |  $249

When was the last time you sat down and purposely chose a direction for your life?

This one-time-only workshop at Exhale Mindfulness Studio, West Perth is your time to plan for 2018 and make it your best year yet - no more resolutions that you've forgotten by February! It's time to create a powerful vision and heart-lead direction for the year ahead. 

- Give yourself the gift of an intentional life - 

In our 5 hours together you'll
- learn how to let go of fear and self doubt
- find direction and tap into your purpose
- learn how to become an intuitive goddess
- create daily routines that nurture your soul
- set goals and intentions and map out your plan for an amazing 2018
- create a life vision and start manifesting your dreams into reality

You'll enjoy:
- goodie bag full of natural self care freebies + other treats
- insightful journaling exercises
- a take-home workbook
- great discussions
- nourishing afternoon tea and treats
- connection with like-minded ladies
- a divine manifestation and trust meditation

+ monthly guidance emails for all of 2018!!

Where: Exhale Mindfulness Studio, 6/3 Lawrence Ave, West Perth
When: Saturday November 4th 2017
Time: 12:30pm-5:30pm

Email hello@ameliaharvey.com.au if you have any questions or if you'd like to arrange a payment plan. 

-- 12 spots ONLY! Purchase tickets early to avoid missing out --